Tuesday ● August 11th, 2020 ● 5:37am

Let them eat cake.

Majestik Originality “RedStar” ft. MC Elijah Black (Prod. by ATH315T) [DON’T SLEEP!]


Having been inspired by various artists around him such as Nicholai Khan & Marthalicia Matarrita , Majestik Originality was driven to write RedStar, an ode to the artist process. It is a song that not only dictates his creative process and how he embodies it, but also gives a perspective for the listener to live the artist process itself. It is a empowering track meant to inspire even the newest of artists who have yet to take the first step.

Making a guest appearance on the bridge is MC Elijah Black. E Black was in the studio with Majestik Originality when he felt inspired to add a smooth vocal over the bridge. The beat was produced by ATH315T, a dope producer hailing from Minneapolis. Cover Art was created by Justin Muñoz of ArtBecomes.Me