Sunday ● June 7th, 2020 ● 5:53am

Let them eat cake.

Par-City “Civilized Sessions Vol. 2” [MIXTAPE]


While Volume I featured cameos from Joe Budden, and a slew of underground heavy weights, through Volume II gives Par-City a chance to show what they do on their own. Par-City-affiliate Young Wit is one of the few features on the project. Willy Dope says Volume II will show a lot of growth, and that Parcitizens will notice an improvement in the production. “We fleshed the music out. We made it more of an experience. The project shows a whole scope of Par-City rather than sticking to a theme.” “We’re a lot more comfortable going into the details. Putting our lives, thoughts and feelings into the music and making some thought-provoking songs” said Gif the Great. Singles from the project include “I’m Ready” and “Sid Justice.” The projects features production from Tom Davids, Rick Hertz, Blitz Beatz, and Flawless Tracks