Friday ● February 21st, 2020 ● 9:54am

Let them eat cake.

Stereo Boyz “Snatcheese” [DOPE!]

The Stereo Boyz love Music. It’s what they do 24/7, with a passion and drive that is rare in an industry where many artists expect opportunities to be handed to them. These two Detroit MCs are on a daily grind, and while recording their new album “Carz, Clubz and Theaterz”, putting together new show sets, booking overseas tours and performing, somehow they find time to make tracks like “Snatcheese”, which was produced, written, recorded and released in just one night. “It’s for the fans”, they explain: “We just want to give them great music”. To make the wait for “Carz, Clubz and Theaterz” seem a little bit shorter, here’s the freeby “Snatcheese”.

Stereo Boyz – Snatcheese by Stereo Boyz