Wednesday ● February 22nd, 2017 ● 11:47pm

Let them eat cake.

Dom McLennon “We LIVN (Ian’s Song)” (Prod. By Taebeast) [DOPE!!]

More dope music from Dom McLennon. It’s a deep, insightful joint dedicated to a good friend who’s helped him keep his head on the right direction when it came to his music career. I’ll let him explain:

This track is the intro from my debut mixtape “LIVN” coming out May 6th. The track, “We LIVN (Ian’s Song)” is actually a tribute to one of my best friend Ian, who’s pretty much been a driving force behind my music, pushing me when I couldn’t think I’d go any further and things of that nature. But this song was dedicated to him cause he also gave me the title for this track & mixtape. Along with this, I take a very introspective take on my life as of lately, and this track reflects it in a way I really haven’t shown in any other songs.

Peep it.

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