Thursday ● May 23rd, 2019 ● 11:17pm

Let them eat cake.

Rus Jaymes ‘Devastating’ [NEW]

Rus Jaymes is not new to the culture at all. Born and raised in Camden City, Rus Jaymes started controlling the mic in the early nineties with partner Dave Ghetto as the group illPod, then moved on to become a solo artist under the name Blackmagic. In the late nineties, Jaymes partnered with rhyme slayer Seven Shot, forming the group Danger Island.

Rus Jaymes and I knew each other for a long time, and I always thought that if we were to do a project together, it would be dope. In mid 2000’s, the J-Lab provided the right atmosphere to accomplish this beautiful collaboration called “Rumble Fish.” Locked away in the vault until now, Rumble Fish was ahead of its time, some would say. I would say that it was definitely the start of my timeless-music-making era.

“Devasting” was the first cut we recorded then, and the first cut to be released now. Rus gave the track his full and undivided attention. As he spits, “I beat the shit out of this production,” you can hear the hunger in his voice, the passion in his word play, and the distinct feeling of “killing it” that only a master of the rhyme can give you. Give a listen and let Rus and me know what you think. And, if you like what you hear, stay tuned for the “Rumble Fish EP” dropping in Aprilon Nex Millen’s Band Camp.

Download: Devestating – Rus Jaymes (Produced by Nex Millen)

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