Thursday ● August 6th, 2020 ● 4:05am

Let them eat cake.

Featured Artist: Invy Da Truth

Once again, back is the incredible Leftover Cake ‘Featured Artist’ and this week we skimp not on the details of Chicago rapper Invy Da Truth.

The name Invy Da Truth should be fresh in the minds of any Hip-Hop fan from his most recent mixtape “Voltron”. With the viral video for the single “LAX Interlude” being featured on the likes of HipHopDX and Ruby Hornet, Invy’s popularity soared to new heights. Invy is back and this time with J.Cole for the “Blow Up Remix”

The track will be featured on Invy Da Truth’s forthcoming mixtape “Industry Beast” which is a collection of brand new and unheard material. Invy will feature the same producers (Chanes, A.J Encore CJ Luzi and iRock) for the new mixtape, which is anticipated to be available to fans as a free project later in the year. Industry Beast is full of remixes which are considered in most cases, better than the original!

You can visit Invy Da Truth’s Official Bandcamp page to listen and download the “Blow Up Remix,” a pretty fly “Hello, Good Morning Remix” with him and Nicki Minaj. Also, download “Voltron” which has been credited with several thousand downloads. Industry Beast will be available late 2010 to round off a fantastic year for Invy Da Truth. We’ll be sure to keep on top of this guys budding career.

Invy Da Truth ft J.Cole – Blow Up (Remix)