Old Spice x Tim & Eric = Awesome

Watching some TV earlier in the week I actually sat through a commercial break and was lucky enough to catch this Old Spice ad. It’s brand new, directed by Tim & Eric (from the Adult Swim show Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show on Cartoon Network) and features Terry Crews as the loud, agressive spokesman. Now I’ll give you my 2 peso’s…

I don’t use Old Spice becaue I like AXE better and I don’t watch Tim and Eric simply because I don’t find them funny, however these commercials bring the trifecta into a new light for me… Lately I found the Old Spice ads getting better and better and right now they’re at their peak. These commercials are pretty hilarious. Not like direct humor but that “WTF is going on? Am I on acid?” humor. Some of them are better than others so check out my faves after the jump and leave a comment.

See the entire set at the Old Spice YouTube Channel!



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