Saturday ● October 23rd, 2021 ● 6:51pm

Let them eat cake.

Lil G6 Is One To Watch In 2021

Lil G6 is truly an artist on the verge of greatness, and he is undeniably willing to do anything to achieve his goals. Six is clearly putting his all in this year, releasing a new song every week through his “2021 #BlackboxFiles Project”. His latest song “RAIN” is only his first music video of the year, but it has already been stirring up quite a buzz, drumming up well over 10-thousand plays on the video alone within the first week.
Lil G6 is definitely an artist to watch for this year, and I highly recommend checking out all the new styles he is bringing to the table every week through 2021.

Socials: g6 (@flylikelilg6) (@flylikelilg6) (@SpacemanSix)