Monday ● September 20th, 2021 ● 9:22am

Let them eat cake.

Ricky Rude ft. Scarface “So Immature” [DOPE!]


Following a series of underground mixtapes and singles, hip-hop emcee Ricky Rude drops his debut “No Guts, No Glory” on Bright Boys Entertainment. The project showcases a bright new talent, a lyricist with clever wordplay and catchy one-liners, with a knack for putting harrowing revelations of a rebellious kid from New Jersey to music. Legendary rapper Scarface makes an appearance on “So Immature” where the two MCs trade stories of love, heartbreak and addiction. “Scarface is a hip-hop icon,” explains Ricky, who said a mutual friend introduced them. “It was an honor to work with him.”