Wednesday ● January 19th, 2022 ● 6:17pm

Let them eat cake.

V3RB “Standing Ovation” (Prod. By OC The Kidd / 83 Sound) [VIDEO]

Standing Ovation coverart

“Since “Standing Ovation” is the intro as well as the title of my album, I wanted it to be bold, direct and easily understood. It’s one of those coming of age type joints that details my journey and how thankful I am for the people who’ve stuck by my side and supported my growth. A lot of folks think that rappers just magically develop the gift of rhyme when in reality it takes struggle and a lot of hard work. From the uneasiness of being on stage, to getting ate up in battles I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs. Back when I was around 15, walking thru Venice rapping and chillin with my crew, I knew that being on stage was something I ultimately wanted to do. I would chill on the sand, staring off into the ocean day dreaming about how I could one day take my talents to the next level. I knew that it wouldn’t be easy but as long as I stayed focused and dreamt big anything could happen. “Standing Ovation” is my way of paying homage to that struggle since without it , I don’t think i’d be the person I am today. With video direction from Daniel Ruczko and production from Oc The Kidd, I think we captured that essence giving everyone an insight into me as a person as well as an artist.” — V3RB