Saturday ● June 19th, 2021 ● 11:53pm

Let them eat cake.

ChetMega “New Sound” [VIDEO]

Whether it’s the dirty bass or the unusual delivery of the lyrics in a South-West British tone that grab your attention, ChetMega’s ‘New Sound’ undoubtedly differs from the usual tones of UK Rap. A concoction of Dubstep, Grime and Rap, this track is set to blow the roof off the clubs.

Having worked with Lenny D form the New York Techno scene as well as respected Drum and Bass producer Erb N Dub, Grime producer S.K.I.T.Z.B.E.A.T.Z (Dizzee Rascal, Wiley), and House producer Alex Schmitz on his forthcoming E.P release of “4 Seasons”, ChetMega has a diverse influence from musical genres giving instant understanding to the titling of brand new single‘New Sound’